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President / CEO

Mr Kenny was born and raised in Nigeria, because of his love for the community kenny went into Broadcasting and currently host two show on GBKM FM.


Jacqueline Dixon is a Certified Sales Professional and Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Head Sales Coach, Member of the National Speakers Association, NSA, Entrepreneur, and Author and the host of ORDINARY PEOPLE SHOW (ORDINARY PEOPLE CAN DO EXTRAORDINARY THINGS) on GBKM FM


Jizelle Blackman With a keen impression for media and the ability to infuse such knowledge into her outspoken style of hosting Jizelle Blackman has positioned herself as a trailblaizer within the industry. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, she lived and was educated until the age of 15, until she immigrated to Toronto Canada to begin a new life with her single mother, and 3 siblings. Jizelle launched her career within the hosting industry at Seneca College Toronto, as she hosted her own radio show on Seneca’s CRSC Radio, and went on in her first year to win VJ of the year. She proceeded years later to continue in this path, as she hosted her own Talk Show on Rogers Television called "Talk To Me". Within that same year, Jizelle's passion for writing was evoked within her, as she attained the title of author with the publishing of her children’s book called "Buddy and Fred- The Adventurous Chronicles". As her talk show on Rogers came to an end, her television journey continued as she aquired the position of an on air personality on Bravo's "The Peoples Couch Canada". Jizelle continues to press on as she recently became the host of her own radio show "Da Fusion" on GBKM FM Radio.


MR. Jason Trotman as known as Nzappa Zapp Whether behind a microphone, or in front of the camera, for 15 years Nzappa Zapp has done it all. Nzappa Zapp is an Artist, Martial Artist, and a self-taught Historian specializing in Modern Western/African Civilization, and the importance of literacy. He is a strong advocate for Youth, and presently free-lances as a History teacher and motivational speaker at High Schools and Middle Schools across the Greater Toronto Area. Nzappa Zapp provides seminars along with interactive workshops to enhance the goals and dreams of today’s Youth in order to enrich the accomplishments of tomorrows Adults.


Abby Ayoola, aka Hot Sauce is a published Author and a Nutritionist. As a mother of 4 lovely children, she has striven to live a healthier life for herself and for the sake of her kids. Her dedication, passion and down to earth attitude has inspired people to completely change their lifestyles to healthier states and better well being. She is simply someone that loves to eat healthy, loves to travel, try new things and hopefully in the process. inspire people to do the same. She is embarking on a new journey as the host of The Lifestyle show on GBKM FM.


Ryan Simpson is your host of GBKM FM new sports show: Sports Drive 360. He’s an ardent sports fan and routinely follow all major sports leagues in North America and the world, along with their star athletes respectively. Ryan always had a love for radio since his childhood days and attended the Radio Broadcasting program at Humber College,where he had reported news, weather,sports, and sporadically hosted a weekly public affairs show. Join Ryan starting November 26th, he’ll be discussing all thing sports with you on GBKM so tune in and also follow him on Twitter @ryansimpson35.

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To inspire conversations about the beauty, power, and diversity of Great Benin Kingdom arts and culture worldwide.

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