Beginning of Oba Era

Seen by historians as the greatest, the most revered, dynamic, innovative and successful monarch to have reign in Benin kingdom. He completely transformed the Benin kingdom, politically, socially, and religiously. Under his reign Benin kingdom witnesses its highest prosperity. He changed the kingdom's name from Ibinu land to Edo land as a reward to a young man called Edo who served his life.

He usurped the throne of Benin kingdom in place of his senior brother prince Ogun who was the heir apparent. His exiled senior brother prince Ogun paid many secret and nocturnal visits to Benin through Oba’s market. On many occasions, Emotan warned Ogun of impending dangers and advised him against interacting with some treacherous chiefs who may reveal his presence. Prince Ogun succeeded in murdering Uwaifiokun during night ceremonial performance at Oba’s market.

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Beginning of Oba Era

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