Beginning of Oba Era

Oba Eweka I & the beginning of Oba Era (About 1200AD-1235AD)

After the banishment of Owodo; the last Ogiso under the {Ogiso periods} for misrule Evain who had earlier distinguished himself as a brave man by destroying the man-eating Osogan, was appointed as an administrator who ruled Benin for nearly 40 years. At his old age, Evian nominated his son Ogiamien as a successor.

Unfortunately, this nomination did not go well with the Edo people who maintained that succession to the throne is always applicable to kings and not to commoners to which class Evian belonged. Spear headed by Oliha, there was a serious agitation to bring back the monarch. The nation was thrown into a state of internecine war and as a way out the elders {led by Oliha} went on a search party to look for Ikaladerhan {the banished son of the last Ogiso Owodo} who had for some time taken refuse at Uhe {or Ife as is now known}. The search party reached Uhe to meet Ikaladerhan already enjoying the status of a king. The Edo people could not persuade him to return home. Nevertheless, Ikaladerhan now known as Ododuwa agreed to send his son if only the Benin could take care of him.

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Beginning of Oba Era

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