Beginning of Oba Era

Oba Ewedo (About 1255AD-1280AD)

Prince Efabo ascended the throne after the death of his father with the title Oba Ewedo. Seen by historians as the second greatest monarch to reign in Benin kingdom. It must be observed that the three first Obas - Eweka I, Uwakhuanhen and Ehenmihen had their political support from the elders (Edion who later became known as Uzama) Oba Ewedo discontented with the rudely behaviors of the Edionisen (five Elders) uzama he called them ‘Emwan nei zama omwan’ meaning people who don't show respect to their Oba this was later corrupted into Uzama.

This is not surprising because they brought Oromiyan from Uhe [IIe Ife]. These Edion more or less treated the monarchy as primus inter pares which position Oba Ewedo therefore embarked upon a risky job of suppressing the Uzamas and miraculously, he did not only succeed in doing so but eventually surprised Ogiamien who was virtually in control of the City State.

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Beginning of Oba Era

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